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Roofers working the roof of a home.American Pride Roofing was founded to be the customer’s first and best choice for residential and commercial roofing solutions. Our years of experience in the Dallas area have reflected our total commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We take pride in completing every roofing project as quickly, as painlessly, and with as little inconvenience to you as possible. At American Pride Roofing, you are part of a close-knit operation that incorporates everyone from our president, Larry E. Covey, to each crew member to ensure both your experience and your roof exceed all expectations. Each team member of our roofing company is guided by our shared values, which are:
Intergrity icon Integrity:
We will always do what we say. We keep our commitments to our customers and our employees.
truth icon Truth:
We are honest and forthright in everything we do.
fairness icon Fairness:
We treat our customers, suppliers, and employees always.
performace Performance:
Above all, we value superior performance. We expect the highest levels of achievement from all team members every day.

We understand that roofing installations and repairs are major undertakings and can potentially cause a few headaches. However, we’d like to put your mind at ease by giving you 10 reasons for roofing with American Pride Roofing:

#1: Experience

We have been in business for over 20 years and have completed more than 12,000 roofing jobs. Every roofing job is unique and presents its own challenges. Our experience means we’ll be able to approach every job with inventiveness to solve any problems.

#2: Less Hassle

Most of our roofing jobs will be completed in one day, which means less time off work and less disruption for you and your neighbors. We’re able to complete projects so efficiently due to our large talented and experienced roofing crews that are filled with quality craftsmen.

#3: Better Job

All jobs are supervised by a master roofer with over 20 years’ experience. We also use only the finest materials from all the major roofing suppliers in our area.

#4: Reputation

We have over 20 years of an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and have received the USCA “Best of Local Business” award two years in a row.

#5: Safety

We follow all OSHA guidelines and standards for workplace safety.

#6: Price

We will match or beat any price for every comparable project.

#7: Payment

To guarantee your 100{ad5ae713897523a988204078c9b0321c3bbbb4f5cbf1e84b4d6d39b68a056f39} satisfaction with your new roof, we are never paid until the job is 100{ad5ae713897523a988204078c9b0321c3bbbb4f5cbf1e84b4d6d39b68a056f39} complete.

#8: Insurance

American Pride Roofing is fully insured for your protection.

#9: Cashback

Because we consider you to be a part of our team, we offer referral bonuses of up to $500.00. Ask your sales associate for details.

#10: No Worries

For each job, you are provided a 10-year Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty. If at any point, you are not 100{ad5ae713897523a988204078c9b0321c3bbbb4f5cbf1e84b4d6d39b68a056f39} satisfied or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.