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Dallas residential roofing project Protect your home and memories with a Dallas residential roofing company you can trust. Owning a home means taking care of one and we are here to help you protect it. During our 22 years in the business, we have installed over 5,000 new roofs and strive to achieve 100{ad5ae713897523a988204078c9b0321c3bbbb4f5cbf1e84b4d6d39b68a056f39} satisfaction from all our customers. Our expert team only uses top-quality materials and installs roofs that are built to last. You’re proud of the home you’ve built, so let us help you keep it safe and secure.Through hard work and dedication, our expert team will do anything from cracked shingle repair to a full system replacement. No job is too big or small for us to tackle. Our residential service experts will walk you through the entire process and will provide you with the best service available. We understand this process does not happen frequently and want to keep you informed and prepared. To ensure a smooth project, we have written these steps so you know what to expect during our time together:

STEP 1: Preparation

Installations as well as repairs can cause vibrations that may require you to remove any loose items from your walls. Because falling dust is inevitable, we also suggest covering any ceiling fixtures that may be affected. Before our arrival, please clear your driveway because once the material is delivered it may be unloaded onto the driveway and kept there temporarily. Be sure all outdoor furniture is covered and please mark any underground sprinkler heads in the yard so we can make sure they are not covered during the job. We want you to stay safe and ask all children and pets stay indoors during the roofing process.

STEP 2: Delivery

Material will be delivered to your home on the day of the job. Materials will be delivered to your driveway, so be sure to clear the area for delivery. We want to limit any disruptions caused by the project, so we will place all materials as out of the way as possible so you are still able to access your driveway.

STEP 3: Installation

Now it’s time for your new or improved roof! Our expert team will arrive at the agreed upon time and will begin their work. If possible, we suggest you are home while we are working, though it is not required. If you need to leave for any reason we promise you peace of mind that your job will be completed in a professional manor.

STEP 4: Cleanup

During the roofing process, we try to cleanup as much as we can as we go, though after we will walk through the property to make sure everything is picked up. We will also comb through your property with a magnet device to pick up any other leftover debris. We are happy to help you move any items back into place that were displaced in result of the project. Other than your new and improved roof, you should not be able to tell we were there!

STEP 5: Relaxation

It’s good to know that shingle granules will wash out through the gutters during the first few storms, and this is completely normal. Have peace of mind knowing that your roof is now more safe and secure and will continue to protect your family for many years to come.