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Residential Roof Options – Building Consultant

Your roof says more about your home than you may think, that is why we provide a variety of roofing options for you to choose from.

Composition Shingles

popular Composition Shingles
Composition shingles are the most common roofing material seen on homes today. Each shingle features a fiberglass or cellulose mat that reinforces the center of the material. This mat is coated with mineral granules and asphalt which make the shingles waterproof. This is easiest on the wallet and for do-it-yourself installations.



One of the most affordable of all the options and since they’re easily replaceable, this type of roofing style significantly cuts down your repair costs.


Composition roofs can last over 30 years; this is dependent on the weight of the shingle. Composition shingles are fire resistant, as well.


Various colors, textures and styles make it easy for composition shingles to complement the style of your home.

Wood Shingles

wood shingles
Wood shingles are small, light and severed on both sides. This option is generally thicker, hand-split, and is commonly made of cedar. Cedar shingles typically have a fire-retardant coating which makes them last longer. One thing to take into consideration with wood shingles is that they require a steeper roof to get rid of moisture.


Natural Beauty

The material’s character tends to blend nicely with the landscape and natural surroundings. Its natural color and look will enhance your home and overall curb appeal. Cedar changes to a more old-fashioned, silver color over time.


Second to asphalt shingles, wood (cedar) shingles are one of the most lightweight roofing materials, making it easier to repair.


Cedar wood acts as a natural thermal insulator, which keeps your home cool during the summer and lowers the heat bill in the winter.

Metal Shingles

metal shingles
  Metal shingles are usually made up of steel, aluminum and copper. Metal roofing isn’t as vulnerable to regular old wear and tear such as rust, warping, or decay like other shingles are. In result, they are usually more expensive. This is a great option for both residential and commercial buildings here in Texas because it easy sheds things like snow without ice damming. One thing to take into consideration is that is can get noisy when rain or hail is falling.


Eco Friendly

Metal roofing is made from recycled metals and is generally laid directly on to old roofing material such as composition shingles.

Tough Against the Elements

Most metal roofing can withstand most storm damage including hail, rain, winds and fire. This material has a Class-A fire rating which makes it the most fire-resistant option available.


Depending on the material, metal shingles can last 40+ years.

Clay Tiles

clay tiles
  Clay tiles are fired in a kiln and are an all-natural option for your roof. They are generally the most expensive as well as the heaviest roofing material. Clay tiles will last a long time because they are environmentally friendly and resist to both freezing and hot temperatures. This option also can defend against the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, they’re not the most optimal in Texas because of the extremely low temperatures that can occur in the winter, they can be susceptible to cracking.



Since clay is a natural insulator it can keep the energy bill low.


Clay tiles don’t absorb water, mold or mildew as much as others over time, which makes them essentially maintenance free.


Because they are all natural, clay tiles don’t lose their color as quickly.

Slate Tiles

slate tiles
Slate tiles are also natural and are shingle-like, flat sheets of rock. Slate tiles can be very pricey and heavy for your roof, but the stone look gives your home plenty of curb appeal. This material requires professional installation because walking on them during the process can be dangerous and difficult. Because they are heavy, slate tiles require extra roofing support and framing.



Slate rock can often last more than 100 years while also maintaining its appearance over time.


Rock is resistant to fire as well as moisture and insects. It will protect your home from the outside elements with little to no maintenance.

Home Value

Due to its durability and stunning natural appearance, the value of your home will increase and make it more appealing to buyers if you ever sell.

Residential Flat Roofs

residential flat roofs Did you know flat roofs are making their way into residential neighborhoods? They are becoming popular in climate regions like Dallas-Fort Worth because elements like heavy snow can build-up and this option won’t threaten the roof’s integrity. Flat roofs have been rebuilding their reputation in residential roofing because they are affordable, durable, easily accessible and maintainable. Better quality practices and materials support the idea of having a flat roof over your family’s head once again, giving you a less expensive, and easier-to-build option. Ever imagine having a rooftop deck or patio? Flat roofs would be the option for you. We hope our knowledge and expertise will give you peace of mind, and we know you won’t be disappointed with our work! Still not sure which type of roof is best for you and your home?